Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial intelligence ?

Artificial intelligence aims to give a system a cognitive function.
is thus the way of acquiring autonomously knowledge about his environment, to produce an experiment and then generate a decision tree (Cognitive reasoning).

In this framework, we strongly use AI to automatically detect, identify and track threats, with a very low error rate.
So we can say that the AI ​​is an innovative and strong system for help decision making.
Identify your threats, and we will train the system to meet your specific needs.


A little bit of vocabulary

The success of an AI depends of a single key point: The Training.
Training requires human, technical and financial resources that can be important to achieve good results.
That's why Sofratech offers you its know-how, to train your system with your classes, so as to obtain the expected results
A class is the representation of something.
For example a human class could represent women, men and children.
But it could also only represent a man.
We have a large amount of classes that we can put at your disposal.
This solution allows you to not do any training.
The algorithms define what the artificial intelligence will do.
Depending on your needs, we can guide you to make the right choice, or simply to provide you with our which are already operational and ready to use.
This avoids sometimes spending a lot of time establishing the proper rules.

the importance of training

Let’s take a simple example

  • Left Side: Bad Training

The result shows a bad class classification

  • Right Side: Good Training

The result is what we expected

Artificial intelligence algorithms in action

Low light level (near)

  • Class: People
  • Algorithm: Fast R-CNN
  • Confidence Threshold Setup: 20%
  • Frame Rate: 15 FPS

Thermal Image (Far)

  • Class: People
  • Algorithm: Fast R-CNN
  • Confidence Threshold Setup: 20%
  • Frame Rate: 12 FPS

Normal mode

  • Classes: 57 (People, Vehicle, Signs, Edifice,…)
  • Algorithm: MASK R-CNN
  • Applications: Avoiding Obstacles, Automatic Guidance
  • Frame Rate: 19 FPS