Video Processing

What is Video Processing ?

The video processing allows to see some things that are not necessarily visible on videos.
We can, for example, separate moving elements from a static background, change the color spaces to better highlight certain points, modify contrast and light, or why not counting objects and/or people.

But the most important thing is that this processing is the basis that we use to implement other functions that you will see in other pages, such as intelligent trackers or the application of algorithms for artificial intelligence.

We can therefore say that video processing is the basis for developing new security applications.

some features

Anti fog Algorithm

This algorithm allows you to remove fog from an image or within a real time video flow.

Dynamic Segmentation

This algorithm extract dynamic (moving) objects from the background. This solution is usually used to do dynamic detection or some analytics such as counting.

Static Segmentation

This method do the opposite of the Dynamic Segmentation, removing dynamic objects from the static background. Really useful to remove noise of a dynamic content.


This function allows you to move the image in translation, rotation or even zoom. Useful for dynamic video stabilization or speed measurement.

Region of Interest

The ROI is very useful to delimit a zone within an image or video. It allows you to show if something is coming in or out of the defined zone. Useful for detect, track, or count something.

color space

This item allows you to define advanced filter to see and/or detect specific events.

Movement detection

This algorithm allows to see the minor movement within a video flow. According to the setup, you can modify the sensibility of the algorithm.


Unfortunately, we can not show you all the possibilities because it’s just infinite!
Nevertheless, our job is to meet your specific needs.
Because of this, if you want more information about a particular feature, do not hesitate to contact us .
We will be always very glad to answer you.